June 27, 2020

All Together Now

As I revisit my generation process from top to bottom (as I do every few quarters), it might be helpful to have a flowchart or at least a process list, both for my own reference and the general welfare of the public.
  1. Terrain generation, either from code or manually input (do not recommend)
  2. Derive currents by a) determining major trade currents at 0 and 45 latitudes, b) extending these currents and splitting them where they hit landforms, and c) interpolating these currents via IDW to make a nice smooth surface. I also have found that d) applying a Gaussian smooth filter to the results is even nicer.
  3. Assign sea surface temperature (SST) and measure the effect of the currents on that temperature: currents from the poles bringing cooler water down to the equator and vice versa.
  4. Generate areas of high and low pressure
  5. From the pressure map, obtain wind direction and speeds
  6. Use the coastal current temperatures and on-shore winds to determine areas of coastal climate influence
  7. Apply base temperature, then modify it according to the coastal climates
  8. Lapse the temperature up mountain slopes
  9. Run Koppen and Holdridge algorithms
At this point, social simulation can take over.

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