September 26, 2018

Wind IV: Rain I: Water is Wet

So I've gotten the wind working more or less how I want. Now I need to push water (in the form of rain) across the landscape.

The initial inputs are observed from the current influences. Cold currents are dry, mild currents are half-wet, and warm currents are the wettest. These begin at the coasts. Then, based on the wind map, the rain moves across the landscape. It drops more water (and exhausts itself faster) when a positive slope is encountered.

Some of the code isn't working exactly like I want it. There are too many straight lines here, but overall I'm able to avoid a lot of ad hoc, and in the end, that's on the right track.


The wind is altered both by the existing terrain and by the natural winds which are the sole product of the pressure zones. These are the default where nothing else exists. Eventually, though, the air runs out of moisture, leading to the large arid areas in the center of the larger continents.

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