September 10, 2018

Temperature III: Generating Temperature

Now I'm really on a kick. I want to move away from manually drawing anything I can, so I can focus my creative efforts to the greatest effect. Temperature will be a fun one to work on.

The baseline proved tricky to try and match to Earth values, So I made my own:

\[ T = \frac{T_{max} - T_{min}}{2} \cos\left(2 \frac{\pi}{180^\circ} \ell \right) + \frac{T_{max} + T_{min}}{2} \], where $T_{max}=90$, $T_{min}=1$ if the latitude $\ell$ is below the equator ($\ell < 0$) and $T_{min}=41$ otherwise.

The equator stays roughly the same, but the baseline will shift back and forth between January (blue) and July (red).


This color scale is a bit misleading, I think. But it does show the general plan.

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