September 3, 2018

Current Influences

A big part of Azelor's Guide is the effect that currents have on temperatures. Generally speaking, if a warm current is near a coastline, the climate there will be warmer than it might otherwise be (Spain, for example). So this is pretty necessary for any kind of complex climate.

This should be easy (famous last words) because I already have the wind maps and the current maps. So theoretically, I just work inwards from the coasts, scaling the "degree" of influence to the wind speed. I'm not sure yet how I want to map the influence to the temperature, but that will come later.

Green - mild, blue - cold, red - hot, yellow - continental, dark yellow - continental plus

One thing I do notices is that I think the continental influence should be closer to the coast. I think I should also explore the wind model to see if I can push those winds a bit further inland. Right now, they are breaking against the elevation change, so I probably need to reduce the wind loss as it moves uphill.

First, though, I'll see how the model works when I run it on non-dummy data.

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