January 6, 2023

Combat Simulation III

Let's continue with movement selection.

We're still only considering melee. I'll address ranged movement next, and then move on to the actual attack.

The following considerations are taken into account:

  1. Distance to target. A closer target is better, or considered a higher threat. For now, I'll consider all enemies to be of equal threat all things considered. I have a planned upgrade to allow creatures of higher intelligence to weight threats based on the enemy's HD
  2. Required AP. Again, closer is better, in this case because the character can move there with AP to spare and possibly attack
  3. Flanking. Could possibly make this available only to higher intelligence creatures also

This generates the following maps. I'm still using the constrained movement but I'm thinking through strategies for a freer (and therefore more efficient) system. The darker the hex, the higher the movement score. Notice in the second image that the preferred move would flank Blue.

Blue guy (right)

Red guy (top right)

This is probably fine for now. There's always more things that come up, but I'm in a move-fast-break-things mood so we'll fix those as they become problems.

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