April 9, 2021

Detail XIII: A Case Study VII

One full region is now generated:

There's plenty of material here, of course, but I can do better, particularly with the addition of features. Let's zoom in on the capital city here (Hex 25, infrastructure 42).

The first and easiest thing to place is a bridge. Hex 25 has a high enough infrastructure to be able to place bridges (as opposed to ferries or fords). This river has a Strahler number of 4. Therefore, the two hexes where the roads cross the river will have bridges on them, notated by black squares (for now).

I recommend reading through this series of posts to understand where I'm going next. We want to know what features this hex has by virtue of the specific layout. Moreover, it'd be nice if this were a true function: that is, for a single input of hexes, we have a single output set of features. That will allow us to save some storage space, since all we'll need to know is the original layout.

To place these features, we loop through the hexes from highest to lowest infrastructure - not worrying about whether the hex is itself civilized. That is, for a hex and its six neighbors, if there are 4/7 civilized hexes present in that set, then the central hex is of Type 4, quite good. Depending on the exact distribution of those civilized hexes (Type 4 has 8 possible layouts), the possible features could be a large keep with a village, a manor house with a village, an aquifer, or a quarry. Once a feature has been identified, all hexes in the set are removed from the list: this prevents the map from getting too busy.

I've only added a few things to the list given by the Tao above. But there are a lot of configurations which are empty - again, that's fine. Scarcity breeds innovation.

In addition to the bridges, we generate a medium keep with village and church, a toll road, several mines, and a quarry. Additionally, there are several outlying hexes with no specific feature, but which in this case would most likely be farms or other "non-village/city" communities of a few families.

I could also make use of the wilderness and deep country features discussed here; but that would need be on a different layer, not player-facing. Still, could be a useful DM tool.


  1. ive been excitingly following this blog as its progressed. but it hasn't updated in a while. you haven't been taken out by the 'Rona have you?

    1. I'm Rona-free, thankfully! I've been slowly working on some things but not as much as I'd like thanks to some various life changes. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!